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Satisfied Patient

My father was recently operated on by Dr. Patel. It was a major prostate procedure with 2 months of pain, immobility, and complications leading up to the date of surgery. Just prior to the scheduled date, he was found to have a blood infection that would require additional time to rectify. Dr. Patel had an overseas vacation looming. Rather than leave my dad wait another 2-3 weeks for the surgery in miserable shape, Dr. Patel squeezed him in on a Saturday just prior to his travel date. Not something he had to do. Not something most doctors would do. This man did it. After 5 weeks of recovery, the surgery has yielded incredible results. Dr. Patel is a master of his craft. He extends life and improves quality of life. He turns misery and uncertainty into happiness, relief, and wellness. Anyone in need of Urologic help should only be so lucky to be on the receiving end of his care.