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About Us

Your Health Information

Although your health record is the physical property of the health care practitioner or facility that compiled it, the information belongs to you. You have the right to:

    • Request a restriction on certain uses and disclosures of your information as provided by 45 CFR 164.522
    • Obtain a paper copy of the notice of information practices upon request
    • Inspect and obtain a copy of your health record as provided for in 45 CFR 164.524
    • Amend your health record as provided in 45 CFR 164.528
    • Obtain an accounting of disclosures of your health information as provided in 45 CFR 164.528
    • Request communications of your health information by alternative means or at alternative locations
    • Revoke your authorization to use or disclose health information except to the extent that action has already been taken

Arizona State Urological Institute (ASUI) was founded in May 2003 and since then has become a community leader in comprehensive urological care, for both men and women, providing service in three East Valley locations. Our urological providers and extensive support staff are dedicated to meeting the needs of all our patients and the community for high quality medical and surgical urology, during business hours, after hours or weekends. Our three locations in Chandler, Gilbert and Ahwatukee provide opportunities for appointments to meet the needs of patients all over the East Valley.

Our Mission

ASUI maintains its commitment to the technological advances in urologic care for both men and women and incorporates current changes and trends in order to provide the best possible services that our patients have a right to expect. Our services range from complex cancer care of the prostate and kidney with robotics and laparoscopy, to complex reconstruction of the urinary tract after injury, cancer or pelvic organ prolapse, to kidney stone treatment and prevention, urinary disorders of enlarged prostate and recurrent infections and infertility, to name a few. All of our urologists practice general urology while four have completed subspecialty fellowships.

Our Commitment

Our urologists are in contact with your family physician or hospitalist, often by cell phone or text, to integrate timely, efficient quality care whether in the office or hospital. Same day appointments are not a challenge with three locations and physicians as someone is always available when an urgent problem arises that requires immediate attention. Our broad range of insurances that are accepted and our commitment to our patients with Medicare makes us the first and most reliable choice for your urological needs.

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